Back to School: Teacher Edition

After a long and well-deserved summer break, schools are reopening their doors and welcoming a new academic year. While students return to the classroom with their batteries recharged, teachers are getting ready to offer them a high-quality education. These can be intense days for teachers as they update their syllabi, plan their schedules, and organize their class dynamics.

Not only are the first few days busy, but they are also crucial for forming bonds with their students and motivating them to get involved in classes. Therefore, we have come up with five helpful tips for teachers:

  1. Introduce yourself. Tell your students about your hobbies, how you spent your summer, or any other personal stories you may have that can strengthen your relationship with them.
  2. Get to know your students. Use games or activities that allow your students to introduce themselves and their hobbies. It is an easy way to break the ice with them, and at the same time, it helps you get to know them better.
  3. Work on emotional education. It is a good idea to work on it in a cross-subject manner throughout the course. During the first days, it may be interesting to encourage them to talk about how they feel at the beginning of the new school year. This way, little by little, they will understand that they can express their emotions without feeling judged. In this way, you can encourage active listening and empathy towards their peers.
  4. Create different classroom spaces. Organize your classroom into separate areas, one for reading, one for technology, and one for problem-solving.
  5. Nurture curiosity. Dedicate some class time to awaken students’ interests in a specific topic so they can participate and ask questions openly.

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