Best Back-To-School Safety Tips

Two Schoolgirls

Compared to previous school years, this year students and teachers return to school under different conditions, with new rules and indications aiming at protecting as far as possible their being present in class. Other than and beyond the measures agreed upon by the government and the regions, which include frequent hand washing,  temperature checks in some cases, respecting safe social distancing, classroom ventilation and the  use of masks for children age 6 and beyond, at Smile and Learn we have created a list with tips and material that you may find very useful during the upcoming weeks. This year our kick-start is different but as dynamic as it never has been!

  • Hygiene: it has been clear since the beginning of the pandemic that hygiene in general, and above all hand washing are fundamental factors to stop Covid-19 spread. How do we make sure that especially the little ones learn to knowingly wash their hands? At Smile and Learn we have created this video, which you may find very useful.
  • Help the little ones express their feelings: the past few months have been emotionally charging for both adults and children, feelings we have processed little by little and have occasionally originated stressful situations. The upcoming weeks may surmise certain lack of tranquility among children. A clear, frank way of communicating with
    parents and teachers is fundamental in order for us to be able to help them. We suggest you take a peek at our Emotions Section, where you will find hundreds of activities designed for the little ones to learn how to identify and express their feelings.
  • Safety distance: how will children play? During this new school year, it will be important to respect social distancing among students. This implies a need to adapt playtime in preschool and elementary school, and encourage ways to play that involve zero physical contact. It will be a challenge but we know that imagination fires up in the most complicated moments.
  • We can’t forget special needs learners: children with special needs are often the most vulnerable ones we have in class. During the beginning of this school year, while the school community is fully engaged in adapting to the new normality in schools, it is important not to set aside the specific needs of these students. One of the main objectives for Smile and Learn since the very beginning, has been to adapt our material making it accessible to all children. We will keep on working so that all the little ones continue to smile and learn with us.
  • Digital Support: we firmly believe that the physical presence on site plays a key role in returning back to school, and we also know that the schoolwork done at home will be fundamental in aiding what has been learned in class. That is why we place emphasis on technology and quality interactive educational resources that can be used anywhere at any time, both at home and in school.


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