Attending to Diversity: The Intellectually Gifted

Various authors define people who are intellectually gifted as those who present three characteristics:

  • Above average mental intellectual capacity   
  • A high level of creativity
  • A high grade dedication to work/ studies 

Frequently parents and educators define children like this as originals and ingenious in their approach and search for solutions to problems that arise.  Further, they observe that a lot of time is invested in what motives them and persevere with tasks until they reach the desired result. Also, many have a high level of verbal fluidity, the curiosity of learning and the active attitude to investigate and research for new information.  

Many students with a high mental capacity progress significantly quicker than fellow classmates that are the same age, which leads to high levels of performance. This implicates that from schools, we must offer different experiences that result in different motivators for children that are intellectually gifted but always care no to force learning and manage the form of adequate levels of self motivation. 

The content from Smile and Learn is articulated in different levels of difficulty (learning, intermediate, advanced and mastery) that adapt to distinct rhythms of learning. In this way, the same content can be worked through various levels of depth, complexity and detail according to the interests and competencies of each child. In the case of activities of reading, writing and comprehension, teachers or the own student can choose various levels and reading modes. In relation to calculation to one’s attention and mental agility, they can choose the mode of the time to improve their speed processing.

The importance to attend and meet the needs of diverse student bodies starts with the correct selection educational resources that adjust to progressive levels of comprehension to offers new opportunities for students to learn more.

Almudena Gonzalez,

Education Team 


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