3 to 12 years

Are you looking for matching games for kids? Would you like to learn by playing a memory improvement game?

Smile and Learns memory improvement game, “Pairs”, is a great way for your child to learn in a fun way. In this matching game for kids, your child will be given a quick second to see the location of the cards then they will be flipped over. As you advance, there will more cards and pairs to complete.  There are 6 different categories of cards that is available for your child to choose from such as animals and fruits.

This memory improvement game includes 3 different levels: Apprentice, intermediate, and advanced. If your child matches 2 pairs in a row they will receive a blue star and if they match 4 pairs with no wrong answers, they will get a yellow star.

Do not miss out on Pairs, a matching game for kids, available now on the Smile and Learn App. You can find Smile and Learn on the App Store and Google Play.