Intruder Buster

3 to 12 years

Are you looking for logic games for kids? Would you like to develop your child’s logical reasoning skills?

“Intruder Buster”, a logic game for kids, is the perfect opportunity for your child to improve their logical reasoning skills. In this logic game for kids you are tasked with spotting the outlier among 4 options. This categories game is an interactive activity designed to stimulate the logical thinking of children by using a process of categorization of elements. In more detail, every game you will find 4 cards, three of them are related to each other while the other is not. The child must discover the intruder using logical reasoning. This categories game consists of numbers, animals, shapes, colors, cooking and letters.

Intruder Buster contains 4 different levels that your child can choose to play from including apprentice, technician, researcher and scientist. In the first level you have 2 minutes to get the mermaid to her rocket ship. As you advance to the next levels, you lose 30 seconds so be sure to pay attention to the clock. There are 2 different game modes you can choose from, either 3 levels of time or set time.

Come and play intruder buster, now available on the Smile and Learn App. You can find Smile and Learn on the App Store and Google Play.