First Sleepover

3 to 8 years

Are you looking for stories to discover autonomy for kids? Would you like your child to realize the importance of learning about a different culture and responsibility?

Alex’s First Sleepover is a story designed to teach responsibility and autonomy for kids. This specific adventure contains Alex respecting and learning about a different culture. Alex shows his respect for the culture by asking several questions about the Chinese culture. At first, Alex is nervous to sleep in a house that is not his own home. This story will take your child on an adventure and teach them about autonomy and learning a different culture.

This story on autonomy for kids is offered in Spanish, French and English. Therefore, this story serves as a chance for your child to learn a different language. There are two different reading levels that your child can choose from: Apprentice and advanced. Apprentice is recommended for children aged 3 to 5 while advanced is recommended for children 6 to 9.