3 to 12 years

Are you looking for attention games for kids? Do you want your child to develop their focused attention and cognitive skills?

Come play, “Bubbles”, the perfect attention game for kids. Bubbles is designed to increase your child’s selective attention in a fun way. There are 3 difficulties that your child can play on: Apprentice, intermediate and advanced. Changing the difficulty affects the speed and number of bubbles that are released. There are 2 games modes that you can choose from. The first game mode is called calm. During the calm game mode your child will be given a specific type of bubble to focus on. There is no need to worry about popping the wrong bubble because this game mode offers unlimited lives. On the other hand, the limited time game mode starts you off with 10 lives and if exceed them you will not advance to the next round. In order to regain a life find and click on the Smile and Learn seal.

If you want to increase your child’s attention and cognitive skills download Smile and Learn in order to have access to “Bubbles”, the best attention game for kids. Available now on the App Store and Google Play.