A Wish For Christmas

3 to 8 years

Are you looking for a short story about family? Would you like your child to learn the importance of family with inspirational Christmas stories?

In this short story about family you will meet Javi, a squirrel who loves Christmas but, fails to recognize the true meaning until the end of the story. His family happens to be away for Christmas so, Javi writes a letter to Santa saying all of the toys he wants thinking that they will make him happy. The next morning Javi wakes up and immediately goes down stairs to open his presents. He got everything he wanted and goes to his room to play with all of his new toys. After playing with them for a while he realized that he is not fulfilled and writes a note to Santa to bring his family home. Santa grants Javi this one last wish and Javi is so grateful for being able to spend time with his family.

This inspirational Christmas Story is offered in Spanish, French and English. Therefore, this story serves as a chance for your child to learn a different language. There are two different reading levels that your child can choose from: Apprentice and advanced. Apprentice is recommended for children aged 3 to 5 while advanced is recommended for children 6 to 10.