5 fun and easy bilingual holiday activities for your classrooms!

Cute Boy Holding Gingerbread Man And Drawing It


  1. Shape Poems – Children pick a shape or object from their favorite holiday such as an ornament, a candle, or wreath and write words inside it that describe what the holidays mean to them in either Spanish and/or English. Use markers and colors to turn them into artistic designs!
  2. Holiday Challenge – Ask each student to write a holiday word on a piece of paper in Spanish and/or English. Collect the papers and put them in a jar or a container. Divide the class into two teams. A person from one team starts the game by picking a word and giving verbal clues to their teammates (without saying the word). The team has 30 seconds to guess as many words as possible. Teams get points based on the number of words guessed correctly. Any words missed are put back into the jar or container. Then the next team follows. Continue, until all the words have been played. Add another round with just charades!
  3. Holiday Show and Tell- Ask your students to do a show and tell about their holiday traditions in English and/or their home language. Encourage students to bring props and pictures to share in class and teach new words to their classmates. Add a twist with a quick game of trivia or hangman after everyone has shared!
  4. Reverse Pictionary – Break the students up in pairs. One student picks a holiday character or object in their mind and describes it to their partner. Their partner draws based on the description given in Spanish or English. Add a timer to make it more interesting!
  5. Secret Santa Haiku – Ask each student to write their name and their favorite holiday on a piece of paper. Collect and fold all papers. Ask each student to pick a name (other than their own) from a jar or container. Now ask the students to write a holiday haiku for the classmate they picked based on their favorite holiday in Spanish or English. Ask students to share their secret santa haikus with their classmates!


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