5 Benefits of Robotcis and Programming for children

Robotcis for children

More and more, we hear the words programming and robotics in the classroom, in the programs, and even in the extracurricular activities. Our lives are becoming more technological; long ago we started to see the change in the evolution of our cell phones, and now we can even control heating at home from a far distance.

Little ones have come into a world where technology prevails, and from the beginning, they must learn to live with it and use it correctly to adapt to the demands of the world of work and the professions of the future. We can plant the use of programming and robotics with digital activities, analogies, and a mixture between both windows of each one.

Thanks to the immersion of the natural way, we can see that there is now a lot of technology in classrooms that has produced many benefits:

–   Stimulate attention, creativity, oral and writing expression 

–  Encourages collaborative group work 

–    Develop logical and computational thinking

–   Works on processes of analysis and problem solving 

–   Forming interest in experimentation and work autonomy  

Also, working with technology in class is very useful, as it is something that attracts the attention of children and provokes much interest with which we can motivate them to work on different subjects playfully and attractively.

If you want to start working on programming and robotics with your students, try Smile and Learn’s “Programming” application with which you will be able to work in a very simple way using blocks to program different progressive difficulty screens.

Raquel Melero

Educational team

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