Educational resolutions for 2019

Beyond New Year Resolutions. Apart from eating healthy and start doing sports, jot down too these practical teaching and learning classroom strategies.

Motivate Yourself

Motivation is the road to successful learning. Teaching students to dig deeper with fun, creative activities which thoroughly engage learners, lays the basis for motivational teaching.

How To Do It

Start with group-dynamic and team-building games. Plan and organize group activities with little reinforcement or tackle blunt school subjects like Math with game-play. Gamification which refers to integrating gaming mechanics in order to motivate participation, is a technique that helps maintain interest and invites in the fun factor to the learning process.

Digitize Yourself

It’s about time… Kids are digital natives who don’t use technology in a complementary way. They are tech savvy. Videos or 3D images are an added value.

How To Do It

Science is a practical subject. Too much theory results in stale, intangible teaching. Learning about the Human Body for example would be much easier to explain using images in motion or 3D design technology. Older kids can debate online (E-chat style) to work with theory explaining. This way, they’ll practice digital reading and writing and internet communication.

Have Fun

Remember that if kids have fun, new concepts will sink in much easier and they’ll ask for more. Have fun yourself too! Being surrounded by kids is an inexhaustible source of positive energy.

How To Do It

Play with them, tell them stories, help them unleash their creativity suggesting new activities. Here’s an idea: let your students name the story characters you’re reading about and set up a small theatre play where each will play a part.

Personalize Learning

No two kids are alike. Each has their own personality and distinct capacities. Technology allows for personalized adaptive learning. In Smile and Learn we have created an inclusion-based, learner-centered, pedagogy model with which students take full ownership of their learning.

How To Do It

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is improving project design in personalized learning. Unlike standardized books, certain learning platforms allow teachers and learners choose difficulty levels and program exercises that reinforce those least solid areas or foment the strengths of each child. Adding to that, cooperative learning is a great way to build up collaboration and fight against discrimination in the classroom.

Here’s to a 2019 full of learning and fun!


Sara Paz and Iphigenia Mariou


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