Complaining can be counterproductive

Did you know that complaining about your children can be counterproductive?

As a parent, you’re most likely to moan quite often about how badly your children behave: they won’t stop running around the house, they’re unaware of dangers, they’re messy, they won’t eat properly and they never get enough sleep. 

Sometimes, becoming a mother or a father can be overwhelming, but from an educational point of view complaining about it in front of your children is unacceptable. Young children perceive the complaints of their parents as personal failures, which leaves them feeling frustrated and ridiculous. If your children perceive you as someone who will judge them or closely monitor their actions at all times, they may feel nervous and develop insecurity issues. 

How to tackle the problem? By explaining things to them. Learning happens through concept assimilation, so if you notice there’s something about your child’s behavior that bothers you or you find tiring, the best thing you could do is to explain to them why you feel like this and then exemplify by telling them what you’d prefer them to change, and how. 

One last piece of advice: spend more quality time with them, playing reading and learning together. 

Sara Paz

Communication Team

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