Our ambassadors: Hello Salamanca

Entrevista directora de Hello Salamanca

Hello Salamanca. We share a dynamic and participatory methodology that pursues adaptive, fun learning.

Our games, videos and interactive stories improve student skills while learning English and any other language. In addition, they increase motivation and the attitude towards learning.

Beatriz Calle, Manager of Hello Salamanca partakes in her experience with us:

  • When did Hello Salamanca start using Smile and Learn; what age groups has it been used with?

We started using Smile and Learn in 2016, with students aged 3-10 years.

  • How has Smile and Learn improved your teaching method?

Through its innovative technology, Smile and Learn has provided young students with the ability to learn English in a fun and motivating way. It captures their attention, making them wish to learn more everyday.

  • What is your favorite game / video / story?

English learning at early stages benefits significantly from stories, as the former is greatly enhanced by  the use of language in an interesting and captivating way.

  • How does technology help improve learning?

Technology engages students and targets cognitive skills with reading, listening and comprehension tasks Teachers are able to introduce a wide variety of communication principles along with key vocabulary, in order to heighten and build up academic development.