Best Smile and Learn Christmas Planning Ideas – Kids Special


Christmas holidays is the perfect moment to be spending quality time with the little ones. Here’s a list of seven fun holiday activities for kids that you’ll get a kick out of, too!

  1. Ice-skating: Kids love it! There are ice-skating rinks in most cities and towns where kids and adults can test out their skating skills. Make sure you don’t forget your gloves and scarf!
  2. Super-fun arts and crafts: Christmas arts and crafts ideas are limitless: Christmas tree decorations, stars or gift boxes are just few among many examples. Get crayons, card and scissors ready and let the little one’s creativity sparkle bright. If you need an extra zing of inspiration, check out our easy-to-make snowman craft.
  3. Christmas lights, open markets and Nativity Scenes: Christmas in the city is a great plan. A walk into and around the city center is a true wonderland experience.
  4. The Three Kings Parade: the wait for the Three Kings Parade is the most magical night for kids in Spain. Most cities put up a great show on the evening of January 5th with tons of fun activities for the little ones. For more information, visit your nearest Town Hall website.
  5. Christmas Recipes: Aside DIY Christmas crafts, Christmas recipes are a sure hit too! Get the kids in the kitchen to help you out with festive meal cooking. They’re going to love being part of the action!
  6. Hot Chocolate and The Kings’ Cake: Christmas is all about sweets and goodies especially for the little ones. Enjoy a family day out: sponge cake and hot cocoa. So dig in!
  7. Family Board Games: It’s not quite easy to find quality time to catch up with siblings, cousins and grandparents, during the year. Christmas is together time; the best moment for family fun. We suggest trying our Smile and Learn Multiplayer Games and tons more educational videos, fun versions of classic stories too, like The Nutcracker!

Likewise, Christmas is the perfect moment to enjoy a good book. Don’t forget to pay a visit to a bookshop and read stories with your kids. It may come as a true revelation to them: a great new pastime, a world full of adventures. Happy Holidays!