Trip Around the World

3 to 10 years

Are you looking for a geography story for kids? Would you like your child to learn geography by taking a trip around the world?

Come explore Smile and Learn’s geography game for kids, “Trip Around the World”. This story will allow your child to take a trip around the world to places such as Mexico City, Paris, Sydney, New York and Murcia. Your child will be able to learn several different facts about these places such as important landmarks. You will join Lily and Jeff on this trip around the world to help them find out more about their family genealogy.

This geography game for kids is offered in Spanish, French and English. Therefore, this story allows the chance for your child to learn a different language. There are three different reading levels that your child can choose from: apprentice, intermediate or advanced. Your child also has an option to choose from 1 of the 4 reading modes: reading, listening, reading and listening or pictograms. We include this feature to make it easy as possible for your child to comprehend the story and understand the message of the story.