The Golden Coin

3 to 12 years

Are you looking for an educational story on honesty? Would you like your child to learn important values such as honesty and integrity?

The “Golden Coin”, a story on honesty, is an interesting and educational story that will teach your child the significance of honesty and integrity. This story is about a little boy named Sam who goes to the market buy food for his family. While Sam is walking home he notices an old man in a red robe who drops a golden coin. Sam’s family is very poor so out of instinct he thinks about all the ways the coin could help his sick mother and starving family. However, Sam knows that stealing is wrong, so he gives the coin back to the old man in the red robe. Little does Sam know that this noble deed will change his life forever.

This story on honesty is offered in Spanish, French and English. Therefore, this story serves as a chance for your child to learn a different language. There are three different reading levels that your child can choose from: Apprentice, Intermediate or Advanced. The reading levels affect how much information or text is relayed at once. Also, your child has an option to choose from 1 of the 4 reading modes: Read, listen, read and listen or pictograms. We include this feature to make it easy as possible for your child to comprehend the story and understand the message of the story.

If you want to figure out how Sam’s life will change check out this story on honesty and integrity, available now on the Smile and Learn App. You can find Smile and Learn on the App Store and Google Play.