Puzzle World

3 to 12 years

Are you looking for puzzle games for toddlers? Would you like your child to increase their cognitive abilities by playing fun puzzle games?

If so, come explore Puzzle World, one of the best puzzle games around. Puzzle World is a hands-on puzzle game for children aged 3-12. This game allows your child to exercise both parts of their brain, right and left, and develop cognitive ability.

Don’t worry if your child is a beginner. Our puzzles games accommodate children of all skill levels by allowing you several different options. In more detail, your child can choose from a variety of difficulties such as a 6, 12, 24 or 32-piece puzzle. As they become more familiar with Smile and Learn puzzle games, they can then try more pieces. Also, this amazing puzzle game offers 3 different games modes: with images, silhouettes or, if they really want a challenge, no background.

Once you choose the difficulty and game mode, your child can then choose which specific puzzle they would like to complete. In our app we offer 24 different puzzles that your child can solve. Also, there are 6 different themes they can choose from such as landscapes, cities, monuments, animals, meals and sports. You child has a variety of puzzles to solve such as the beautiful Himalayas, city of Singapore, famous Taj Mahal and much more! Once your child chooses from all of our exciting puzzles they will then be timed on how long they take to complete it. Thanks to our analytics tool you can then track your child’s progress to see how long it took for them to complete a puzzle.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity for your child to expand their creative and cognitive ability with Puzzle World, available now on the Smile and Learn app. You can find our app on the App Store and Google Play.