Going Undercover

6 to 12 years

Are you looking for escape games for kids? Would you like to develop your child’s critical thinking skills?

“Going Undercover”, a detective game for kids, is the perfect opportunity for your child to develop their critical thinking skills and explore their curiosity. In this escape game for kids you are a detective investigating a group of criminals that steals works of art to sell on the black market. You are part of the Search Program for Young Talents and your task is to infiltrate the band of thieves and locate the missing works of art. You will have to solve clues in different rooms of the castle and accomplish your mission.

This escape game for kids has 2 difficulties: Intermediate and advanced. Once you choose the difficulty, you will then be briefed on your mission. You will then be placed in one of the rooms of the castle. In each room there is a 4-digit code that you must find in order to advance. Some clues help finding the secret number while others tell you the order in which they unlock the door. Be careful, some clues are there to trick you. You can write any notes in the top left if you click on the icon with the pencil. Insert the numbers in the lock and open the door.

Are you up for this adventurous challenge? Play this detective game for kids and find out who is stealing the pieces of art, available now within the Smile and Learn App. You can find Smile and Learn on the App Store and Google Play.