Family Trivia

6 to 12 years

Are you looking for family trivia games? Would you like to spend time with your kids while educating them at the same time?

This is exactly what Family Trivia has to offer, one of the best family quiz games around. Family Trivia includes more than 5000 questions grouped into 7 educational categories: numbers, letters, animals, cooking, human body, music and geography.

This family trivia game allows you to enter the age of each player and based on the answer the app will automatically adjust the difficulty. This way everyone who plays has a fair and equal chance of winning. You can add up to 5 players per game. This is a fun and collaborative way for you and your child to exercise your minds. Who is the next trivia grandmaster in your family?

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be a part of your child’s education with our family trivia game, available now on the Smile and Learn app. You can find Smile and Learn on the App Store and Google Play.