8 to 11 years

Are you looking for division games for kids? Would you like your child to learn division in a fun way?

If so, come play “Divisions”, a fun division math game. Divisions is an interactive game related to the logical-mathematical intelligence that teaches kids how to divide and improve calculation skills. This division math game for kids contains 3 games modes. The game modes are learn to divide, with remainders and without remainders. Choosing, learn to divide will pose a division problem and then give a visual representation to increase understanding. Whole answers will give you simple calculations that result in a whole number. In the last game mode, the answers will contain remainders.

Once you choose one of the practice modes either whole answers or remainders, you will then have the choice of either quiet or 3 rounds mode. Choosing quiet will not rush, put pressure or force your child to get a certain amount of answers correct to advance to the next round. On the other hand, choosing 3 rounds mode will increase in difficulty as you advance to later rounds. Be careful, choosing 3 incorrect answers will result in not being able to advance to the next round.

Come learn division with Smile and Learn, a division game for kids. You can find this game on the Smile and Learn app available on the App Store and Google Play.