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Are you looking for addition games for kids? Would you like your child to learn basic number comprehension?

If so, come play “Additions”, a cool math game for kids. Additions is a math game that will propel your child’s understanding of adding numbers. This cool math game accommodates learners of all speeds and skill levels. One of the best things about this addition game for kids is that you can adjust it according to your child’s skill set or learning speed. If your child is more advanced, they can choose to calculate bigger numbers greater than 100. On the other hand, if your child is a beginner they can choose to calculate single digit numbers.

This amazing and cool math game offers 2 games modes: Quiet and 3 rounds. Choosing quiet will not rush, put pressure or force your child to get a certain amount of answers correct to advance to the next round. On the other hand, choosing 3 rounds mode will increase in difficulty as you advance to later rounds. Be careful, choosing 3 incorrect answers will result in not being able to advance.

Play Additions and have math become a piece of cake! Available now within the Smile and Learn app, found on the App Store and Google Play.