“Analyzing students´ statistics is very enlightening”


Feedback from teachers who use Smile and Learn every day is key to improve the platform and to keep growing. Here is Pablo Aparicio Garcia, ICT Coordinator of María Corredentora School in Madrid.

How would you describe your Smile and Learn experience?
Our experience with Smile and Learn commenced four years ago. Since the first time we used this App, we thought it to be a fantastic, complementary, resource tool for our educational project. Our school has been making several (improvement?) suggestions to the Smile and Learn Team, which have been incorporated in later versions.

How do students like the app?
Students work very well with the App. They have already familiarized themselves with it (they’re knowledgeable? they have habituated themselves?) and their progress is steady. In fact, when students are allowed to use iPads freely, most of them would choose the Smile and Learn app to work with, over several others.

According to you, which would you say is the best feature of the platform?
What I like most about this App is that I can access all curriculum areas within the same App. Besides, being able to access each student’s data and statistics provides us with insight when it comes to gathering academic information to evaluate them properly.

What’s your favorite story, game or video?

One of the games I like most is “Super Emotions”. It’s a brilliant resource which provides ample practice with several feelings and emotions situations, being the latter ones a delicate matter to touch upon. Learners have dissimilar capabilities and games create a stimulating environment, ideal for simulating real-life moments in the lives of our students. This way, we assist them dearly to address different situations in their day-to-day life.


By and large, I like the stories very much as well. They reinforce reading comprehension, as they come with after-reading question-tasks.


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