An Updated Classic: Working in the nooks and crannies

The work in corners is a methodological proposal based on a classroom organization where each child can act autonomously and choose the activity according to their needs and interests. It is characteristic of the early childhood education stage.

A corner is a space in the classroom dedicated to a specific task, usually focused on work or play. It is important to provide these spaces with visual supports that promote learning, manipulative materials that facilitate research and activities that favor interaction.

Time designated to working in stations is framed into 3 parts:

  1. The assembly: In this first part, there will be a presentation of the different corners and the rules of each of them will be remembered.
  2. The continuation of the changing the corners: during this time, the teacher has the responsibility to create interaction and support learning
  3. Finally, there is a sharing, in which the children return to the assembly to communicate what they have worked on and the productions they have made.


Time plays a very important role since the teacher must take into account the learning rhythm of each student and promote that they rotate to pass through all the proposed corners.

This methodology provides a very interesting framework for interaction and is very beneficial for students with special needs in early childhood education because it enables the development of autonomy. In addition, the teacher of therapeutic pedagogy can support the most complicated and costly learning.

We propose a series of corners that you can raise in the classroom.


  • A corner of constructions
  • A corner of tales
  • A corner of numbers
  • A corner of a symbolic games
  • A corner of art
  • A corner of digital applications

For the digital corner, you can use different devices such as tablets, iPads, touch tables or interactive monitors. It is very important to select content and applications designed for the child stage. In this sense, we recommend the games, stories, and videos of Smile and Learn, an educational platform, 100% safe for children as it does not include advertising or shopping. The youngest will be able to start learning about reading and writing, numbers, English and much more. 

Almudena González

Education Team


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