5 reasons to bring technology into the language classroom


There are more and more digital resources available for language learners everyday: platforms, applications, webs but how many of them are quality-based? It is very important to learn a foreign language in the appropriate way, enjoying high standard, easily comprehensible content. There are the five reasons why we think learning with technology is better:


Language learning is possible without the need for schedules, leaving home or setting fixed dates. Tactil digital devices and voice systems adapt content to user needs, defining his/her learning pace.


Participation increases when learners relate with technology in and out of class, assuming an active role and being the protagonists in their own learning.


Digital and interactive content improve linguistic skills and retention/memory capacity unlike passive learning classes, where the only protagonist is the teacher.

4.Recommendations Systems

This method predicts user content preference (games, activities, videos…) drawing from data usage history, aiming at recommending to the user content of interest and content the user needs to reinforce through activities.

5.Tracking and Assessment

Educational applications like Smile and Learn allow teachers to analyze usage and progress for each child, improving their performance in future tasks.

Montse Villaverde

Communication Team

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