The first smart library of interactive games and stories

Do you want your children to learn and have fun using tablets and smartphones? Do you have a hard time finding quality, fun, and educational apps?


If your answer is YES, Smile and Learn’s Smart Library is for you. We offer the best collection of interactive games and stories designed by educators so that children 3 to 10 years old learn and smile at the same time with fun educational content.  Download it for FREE, get 30 apps at no cost and if you want, try the rest of the collection absolutely free for a month!



What will you find in the Smart Library?

  • More than 70 interactive stories and games in just one app, with new material every month.
  • All the content is in Spanish, English and French, a perfect way to learn languages.
  • 100% kid-safe: no ads or access to social media.
  • Reinforce learning of values, cognitive skills, and multiple intelligences.
  • Beautiful illustrations, animations, and games that will delight your children.
  • Information on children’s progress and learning time with the applications.
  • For use at home and at school. Tested by hundreds of educators, parents, and children

Does it have free apps? How does the subscription work?

Download the Library for free.  It contains 30 FREE apps you can use forever

If you want, subscribe and try Smile and Learn completely free for a month! If you like it, you don’t have to do a thing: your subscription will continue automatically as long as you want it to and you’ll be charged €3.99 starting the second month. And you can cancel your subscription at any time by (dar de baja suscripción google play) or (dar de baja suscripción appstore) .  You’ll have access to all the content until your last payment expires.  No long term contracts or cancellation fees.


How can I start to use it?

The Library is available for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones. You’ll need an active internet connection the first time to download your interactive stories and games.  After that, children can play offline.  Five simple steps

  • Download our app for free from Appstore (añadir link) or Google Play (añadir link). As soon as you do, you’ll get 30 apps for FREE to enjoy whenever you want
  • Sign up with your email and a password to log in and monitor your children’s use and progress.
  • Create a profile for each child by clicking on “Add child”. You can add as many as you want.
  • Download your first apps by clicking on the stories and games posters with a lock (subscription required) or a purple arrow (free).
  • Check our your password-protected children’s progress from Progress (on the homepage).

The collection includes matching games to boost memory, association games for logic, structures, and puzzles to boost spacial intelligence, a coloring game, trivia to play as a family, a bubble game to improve concentration, and a magic garden to learn about gardening and planning.  Also included are beautiful interactive stories that reinforce values like tolerance, respect for your elders, hard work, and generosity. Discover the entire collection and let the fun begin!

Try out the entire collection FREE for a month and start the most educational of adventures!

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